To keep everyone happy, we have outlined our terms and conditions and all of our policies below.

Ride The Hill must have 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changes that you may wish to make to your booking.Please Note: Less than 48 hours notice may mean you do not receive your deposit back. Ride The Hill has the right to cancel any booking at any time due to weather issues. Mountainboarding is an all terrain, all weather sport (almost) other than in adverse weather where H&S becomes an issue. Mud, and rain does not scare us or stop us, however lightening and snow does. Last minute cancellations will be offered a full refund or re book with discount.
Unfortunately due to insurances, we do have restrictions on who can participate at Ride The Hill. The minimum age to participate at Ride The Hill is 8. All participants before attending a session at Ride The Hill must have either signed a disclaimer (if they are over 16), or have a signed disclaimer by a parent or guardian.
Ride The Hill have a complete Zero Tolerance Policy regarding use of drugs on our premises. Any one caught using any form of drug whilst on site will immediately removed and the police may be informed. Ride The Hill have a no-alcohol policy whilst participating in any form of activity and take no responsibility for any accidents occurring whilst under the influence of alcohol. Ride The Hill on occasions do allow alcohol on site post-activity however this is down to the discretion of the duty manager.
Ride The Hill has a full Health & Safety policy that a copy of which can be requested. This Health & Safety policy includes a detailed risk assessment and includes all of the precautionary measure that Ride The Hill put in place to make Ride The Hill a fun, safe day out. To request a copy of our Health & Safety policy please email info@ridethehill.com.
Ride The Hill has a full Child Safeguarding policy that a copy of which can be requested. To request a copy of our Child Safeguarding policy please email info@ridethehill.com.