Booking days out can be stressful with lots of questions.
We have tried to answer as many of them as we can here.


Mountainboarding is a fantastic outdoor adventure sport that is growing increasingly popular in the UK and worldwide.  If you haven’t experienced or heard of Mountainboarding before the concept is simple – The basic principles of snowboarding, with boards that turn like a skateboard. The best thing is, Mountainboarding is all weather and all terrain (other than in snow and storms obviously).
As with any action or outdoor adventure sport there will always be a risk of injury. Ride The Hill do everything in their power in order to reduce hazards and create a safe and stable environment for youngsters and adults alike to learn in. At Ride The Hill we believe a bit of adrenaline and adventure is good for development. You can read all about our policies here.
The best way to get started on a Mountainboard is to visit a purpose-built centre such as Ride The Hill and take one of our beginner lessons.
ooking is strongly advised if it is your first visit to Ride The Hill. Lessons book up quickly, and although there are "walk-in" slots available our pre-booked customers have priority. To book a lesson for your first time Mountainboarding click here.
Ride The Hill do offer substantial discounts for groups when booked in advance and as long as there is more than 8 of you.
When participating in a beginners lesson at Ride The Hill, all of the safety equipment and boards are included. Your equipment hire covers the Mountainboard or Scooter, Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards. If you require extra time this can be purchased as a add-on through our online booking system or on the day.
The minimum age to Ride The Hill is 8 but any riders under the age of 16 will need to have a parent or guardian to fill in the disclaimer and sign for them at the start. Our access policy can be found here.
We work with groups of all sizes and types and welcome adults and youths. We can arrange flexible timeslots to suit your group including exclusive hire solutions so you can have the place to yourself if required. Advanced booking is 100% necessary so as we can ensure we have enough instructors for the group. Email us to find out more.


We ask that you arrive 20-30 minutes before your lesson or booking starts. This gives you time for any stragglers to arrive and for our instructors to get you kitted up. To speed up the check-in process you can fill out a disclaimer prior to arriving.
Prior to arriving please ensure you have access to your ticket whether printed or on a mobile device, we'll then scan it and check you in. Before anyone can get on the slope every member of your party will need to have a disclaimer filled out. If you are a bit early for your booking, you can grab a drink and check out the either people on the slope. When we're ready for you, we'll get you kitted up and start with the session.
We aren't scared of a bit of rain at Ride The Hill, it just makes things a little messier but just as much if not more fun! The only reason that we may not go ahead or may have to cancel your booking is in electrical storms (lightening) and snow. This is very rare but is worth being aware of. During winter months we recommend a change of clothes to save the car seats. You can view our policies here.
Please wear something you don’t mind getting dirty or marked. Please also think about your choice of clothing, skirts and suits are not recommended. Wear something comfortable that maybe gives you a bit of protection too such as long sleeves, or jeans. Shoes must be athletic style trainers or similar. No open toe shoes / flip-flops. Please note that Ride The Hill can take no responsibility for any damage to clothing or belongings.
On site we have toilets, sheltered areas, we have a shop to buy the latest in Mountainboarding gear and a growing selection of hot drinks and snacks to make your time at Ride The Hill more fulfilling.
Spectators are more than welcome but must stick to the spectator areas or off of the runs. We can take no responsibility for any accidents that arise from spectators being where they shouldn't be.
Dogs are always welcome at Ride The Hill but must be kept on a leash at all times.
Ride The Hill have a growing selection of refreshments including hot and cold drinks as well as snacks and hot and cold sandwiches.  You are more than welcome to bring your own food, BBQ's and also pizza companies can deliver to Ride The Hill.
All bookings require a 50% deposit at time of booking. We ask for minimum 48 hours notice to cancel any bookings otherwise you may lose your deposit. Our cancellation policy can be viewed here.
We appreciate people often need to change their plans, which is why we operate a 7-day free of charge re-booking option. So if you need to re-book something, please email us or contact us directly and we will advise on how to re-book. Please make yourself aware of our policies including booking policies and cancellations.
Ride The Hill are experts in all things Mountainboarding. we have an onsite shop supplying parts and new boards and protective equipment. We can offer advice on the latest kit and help you find the equipment that is correct for you. We are resellers of TrampaMBSKheo and more.